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Sonatherapy® – Sonatherapy Treatments

Sonatherapy Treatments.

Sonatherapy® will be the “medicine of the future.”

The simplicity of the combinatorial approach vibrational Wave Front BIOresonanceTM must not be contaminated with other non-essential and less effective elements. The therapy brings to the fore only those energetic elements required to balance and enhance the body’s own ability to heal itself. We like to say, “Only a child can understand what we are doing.” Any additional elements, especially if controversial or of highly intervening character, will only impede the natural processes of Wave Front BIOresonanceTM circulating within the entity.


SONA Therapy Room EastAbout The Treatments 

There have never been any deleterious responses to Sonatherapy® treatments. Each individual treatment generally lasts one hour or less. More time may be needed if a geothermal bath and/or consultation with staff physician are added in. Universally, clients feel a great deal better after the session than before. Most conditions significantly improve and/or dissipate altogether.

Adjuncts may include sessions with aura color reading, relaxing on a sound table while receiving further light/color irradiations, etc. In some case psychological and/or spiritual counseling may be in order, as well as dietary and overall health analyses — depending upon the client’s attitude and condition(s).

Session Cost

Basic SONA

$125 1 Hour
    • Acoustic foodbath and vibrotactile therapy for localized conditions.

SONA Introductory

$62.50 1 Hour
    • Acoustic foodbath and vibrotactile therapy for localized conditions plus mineral soak



    Specific Conditions

    Sonatherapy® has been proven, via numerous case studies and published reports, to aid in the treatment of the following conditions.

    Acid/Alkaline Balance
    Allergies & Inflammation
    Ankle Sprains & Injuries
    Arthritic Pain
    Back Pain
    Bone Spurs & Conditions
    Circulatory Problems
    Color & Field Balancing/Strengthening
    Dental & Oral Problems
    Digestive Disorders
    Disorders of Glands & Organs
    Edema & Swelling
    Eye Conditions (Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinal Degeneration)
    Fibroids & Cysts
    Hearing Problems (Tinnitus)
    Hormone Conditions & ImbalancesSteamboat Healing Center & Spa
    Knee & Sports Injuries
    Neurological Conditions
    Plantar Fascitis
    Psychological Disturbances
    Respiratory Problems
    Scar Tissue
    Skin Disorders
    Subtle Energy & Field Balances
    Varicose Veins
    Wound Healing

    Cost of Treatments 

    At present time, costs are minimal. A typical one-hour session is $125.00, add another $20.00 for geothermal bath. Cosolargy® International is a non-profit 501(c)3 institution, and all funds garnered from Sonatherapy® treatments go directly to Steamboat Healing Center and The Music Guild to support the ongoing philanthropic international outreach of Dr. Buchanan and the institution. Dr. Buchanan receives no personal remuneration for his work.


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