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Sonatherapy® – Certification & Training

Certification & Training.

Certification & Training in Sonatherapy®


The Music Guild, Steamboat Healing Center, and Cosolargy® International offer Certification and Training in the arts, sciences, and technologies of Sonatherapy®. Those interested should contact Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan in the United States (sona@communityguilds.org), or Yukinori Matsushita of Evolved Manners Sound in Japan.

There are three levels of certification and training.

Preliminary certification reviews and enrollment for the one-year course of studies began in September, 2015. The first classes began October 1, 2015 and have been ongoing internationally.

Certified Practitioners are listed as members of the SONA Group and “referred” to clients and colleagues around the globe as licensed Sonatherapists.

1st Level: Associate in Basic Sonatherapy® (Certificate)

6- Indigo CenterFor the individual who has purchased and read Dr. Buchanan’s two books (SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance (2008) and Sonatherapy®: Healing with Light, Color, Sound, Water & Subtle Energies (2012) and who can discuss the information therein and their own personal experiences/interests in a full written report (email and/or Word document attachment), and in direct communications by telephone/Skype), are immediately eligible for the Associate’s certificate.

(1) Communications take place via email and telephone/Skype between Dr. Buchanan (or Yukinori Matsushita) and the applicant.

(2) Those who would like to set-up a home system, or who have a professional background and/or practice (such as physician, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, massage therapist, sound healer, or other) into which they would like to include elements of Sonatherapy® are eligible for immediate “basic” certification. A basic home system can be assembled for a minimal cost, including the ABox computer program with specially designed schematics, low wattage amplifier, transducers, and a DC to AC conversion box with or without headphones.

(3) Candidates automatically become members of the SONA Group, are expected to join the online forum (https://www.facebook.com/Sonatherapy) and maintain monthly communications.

(4) Monthly reports, based upon outline questions in the lesson, and in regard to their personal use of Sonatherapy®, are compiled by students and emailed to Dr. Buchanan and/or Mr. Matsushita. All certificates and diplomas will be renewed, subject to review, each year from the date of issuance.

Certificate Cost: $144.00 U.S. Note: The Pay Pal request certificate button will be found on the official web site, www.sonatherapy.com in the United States. The two books are also available at that site in the “Shop.”


2nd Level: Advanced Sonatherapist (Certificate)

32 HertzIndividuals who have completed all the above requirements and who have obtained preliminary certification as an “Associate of Basic Sonatherapy®” are thereafter eligible for studies provided by The Music Guild and Cosolargy® International within a 12-month Sonatherapy® Training Program — a series of papers detailing more advanced understandings of the art, sciences, and technologies involved. Upon completion of studies the practitioner may receive certification as an “Advanced Sonatherapist.”

(1) Monthly communications continue via email and telephone/Skype between Dr. Buchanan (or Yukinori Matsushita) and the applicant.

(2) Monthly reports are required. Papers demonstrating fuller understandings and/or new approaches/advances/protocols may be included, in whole or in part, in future Sonatherapy® papers made available to all members of the SONA Group and within the core curriculum itself.

(3) Students are expected to have a home or business system set-up that actually incorporates elements of Sonatherapy® within their practices on a regular private or professional basis.

(4) Candidates continue as members of the SONA Group and the online forum (https://www.facebook.com/Sonatherapy) while maintaining communications with Dr. Buchanan (or Yukinori Matsushita) regarding their practice of Sonatherapy®.

(5) During the training course students will use the Analog Box program that accompanies the text, SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIoresonanceTM, as their main application system on the computer. (Programs and files are designed for Windows XP or Windows 7. MAC users can download “Virtual Windows” online.  By the end of that year students may obtain the Sona Analog Box in applying more professional, analog, Sonations to clients, subject to availability from the manufacturer.

(6) Additional Analog Box set-ups for “50 Infra-SONA WFB Codes” may be obtained online at http://sonatherapy.com/shop/ As students progress in their training, additional Analog Box set-ups may be provided — based upon individual progress reviews.

Certificates are reviewed, subject to renewal, each year from the date of issuance.

Total Cost: $1,872.00 ($144.00 for each month of one year’s tuition plus $144.00 fee for signed certificate and licensing).

            Note: The enrollment url for Pay Pal purchase button on www.sonatherapy.com will be forwarded via email to applicants in the United States. Following communications and enrollment, students may begin the study program. Lessons are emailed once a month in PDF format.


3rd Level: Master Practitioner in Sonatherapy®(Diploma)

65 PE PRANA GlyphStudents who have accomplished all of the above, have a private or professional practice employing the Sona Analog Box, and who have also completed one year of studies with Cosolargy® International in the “Academy Program,” i.e., have been approved as a first-year graduate, may receive a Diploma as a “Master Practitioner in Sonatherapy®.” In order to fully comprehend the underlying principles of this new and unique therapy it is incumbent upon sincere practitioners to learn the basics of The System of Cosolargy®.

Note: Individuals may undertake the Sonatherapy® Training Course and Academy Studies with Jamilian University at the same time, that is, all in one year. (See: http://cosolargy.org/)

All diplomas are renewed, subject to review, annually.

With even the Associate in Basic Sonatherapy® certification it is advisable for the student to devote at least one or two weeks of in-residence, hands-on practice with Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan at Steamboat Healing Center in Nevada (or Yukinori Matsushita or his designated certified global colleague elsewhere).

Online & Other Resources:

The two books (SONA, 2008 and Sonatherapy®, 2012) are available online at http://www.sonatherapy.com/shop/ , or may be obtained directly from The Music Guild (music@community.org). Each book comes with an additional CD containing the full text of the other in PDF format. The SONA book may also be read as an E-Book on Kindle. See: https://www.amazon.com/SONA-Healing-Wave-Front-BIOresonance-ebook/dp/B06Y1DSNSR/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1502130515&sr=1-1&keywords=sona+healing

The Sona Analog Box may be obtained from Adam Reed in Ashland, Oregon. Email: adam@denderapartners.com. The Training Course also instructs students on how to set-up and inexpensive home sound healing system with the free Analog Box program, amplifier, and stereo transducers.

If interested, one may also enroll in the Academy Program of the International Community of Christ (Cosolargy® International) at http://jamilian.org/academy/

Note: Certification in Sonatherapy® granted by Cosolargy® International, The Music Guild, and Steamboat Healing Center assumes an ongoing relationship with these institutions and Dr. Buchanan and/or Yukinori Matsushita following licensing to use the trade-marked terms and license granted by these several institutions. A breach in that ongoing relationship can lead to decertification and revocation of licensing.

Sonatherapy® is a new, unique, and highly advanced approach in alternative therapies using sound, light/color, water, and subtle energies, with students and clinics emerging around the globe. It is rapidly evolving into the medicine of the future. It is therefore essential that any practitioner applying this science, art, and technology maintain contact with Dr. Buchanan (and/or his colleagues, successors, or designees) and the associated institutions in order to stay informed of evolving practices, application systems, and understandings, while supporting the school and clinics, e.g., through donations and attendance at scheduled conferences and other undertakings.

Note: In some cases students may undertake the specified requirements at other global facilities established for the “in-residence hands-on” practicum, for example, with Yukinori Matsushita of Evolved Manners sound in Japan, among others.

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