VIBRATIONAL HEALING: Wave Front BIOresonance & Sonatherapy (E-BOOK: PDF)


Vibrational Healing is the third complete volume on alternative therapies by Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan, Director of Wave Front BIOresonance™ Research & Development at historic Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center in Nevada.

The PDF form of the book is emailed to purchasers.

This third book is a follow-up to Dr Buchanan’s previous texts − relating new understandings and technological advances developed since 2012. It is shorter, yet more comprehensive and direct − a book explaining Sonatherapy® and its numerous historical, metaphysical, and scientific underpinnings to general readers and practitioners, alike.  As many of those working in the field of vibrational therapies well understand, Vibrational Healing as a regenerative yet non-invasive approach is the “Medicine of the Future.” Fundamentally, more people need to be informed about this unique and holistic modality.



PDF – E-Book (2019) – $25.00


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