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Vibrational Healing is the third complete volume on alternative therapies by Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan, Director of Wave Front BIOresonance™ Research & Development at historic Steamboat Hot Springs Healing Center in Nevada.

This book discusses, in-depth, how applications of sound. light, color, water, and subtle energies are employed in treatments of conditions. Buchanan’s previous two textbooks, of over 530 pages each, are SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIoresonance(2008) and Sonatherapy®: Healing with Light, Color, Sound, Water & Subtle Energies (2012). Both books are copyrighted and published by Cosolargy® International in Reno, Nevada, i.e., “in-house” productions accomplished under the auspices of The Music Guild/International Community Guilds, and made available via the web site www.sonatherapy.com.

The 2008 text, SONA, has long been praised as a “landmark publication” in sound healing. The online version of the book, i.e., the Kindle E-Book at Amazon.com, since its original upload has been rated at “100% − Five out of Five Stars.” One of the reviews says,

          “This book is a masterpiece − obviously a life’s work. Essential for anyone interested in whole Health, Evolution and Human Potential. If you think you know about the healing and medical capacity of sound, might wish to know about it or are studying the subject, this book is essential… Or if you seek non invasive yet extremely potent healing and medicine…. extraordinary.

          “Thank you Dr. Buchanan for your immense contribution to Human wellness, healing, recovery, evolution and to Life itself.”

This third book is a follow-up to the previous texts − relating new understandings and technological advances developed since 2012. It is shorter, yet more comprehensive and direct − a book explaining Sonatherapy® and its numerous historical, metaphysical, and scientific underpinnings to general readers and practitioners, alike.  As many of those working in the field of vibrational therapies well understand, Vibrational Healing as a regenerative yet non-invasive approach is the “Medicine of the Future.” Fundamentally, more people need to be informed about this unique and holistic modality.


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