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ABox Program & Set-Ups for Sonations

For those wishing to employ the Solfeggio Tones in self-healing, this is the “Ultimate” resource. The ABox program (“Analog Box” with schematics) allows for easy computer installation and usage — using the space bar for start and stop while providing the ability to produce pure “assimilated analog” monophonic or stereo tones and combined Sonations, all with three to four octaves of transposing capability. The Compact Disc also contains a Microsoft Word Document with “Directions & Discussion,” as well as a “wmv” video displaying the Cymatic images created by each tone. The video also contains the original “Hymn to St. John the Baptizer” from which Guido D’Arezzo derived the Western system in musicology known as “Solfeggio.”

LISTING of 50 SOLFEGGIO TONES and other items on the CD:

(1) UT 396 Hz Unpulsed
(2) UT 396 Hz Pulsed at 3 Hz
(3) UT 396 Hz Pulsed at 6 Hz
(4) UT 396 Hz Pulsed at 9 Hz
(5) RE 417 Hz Unpulsed
(6) RE 417 Hz Pulsed at 3 Hz
(7) RE 417 Hz Pulsed at 6 Hz
(8) RE 417 Hz Pulsed at 9 Hz
(9) MI 528 Hz Unpulsed
(10) MI 528 Hz Pulsed at 3 Hz
(11) MI 528 Hz Pulsed at 6 Hz
(12) MI 528 Hz Pulsed at 9 Hz
(13) FA 639 Hz Unpulsed
(14) FA 639 Hz Pulsed at 3 Hz
(15) FA 639 Hz Pulsed at 6 Hz
(16) FA 639 Hz Pulsed at 9 Hz
(17) SOL 741 Hz Unpulsed
(18) SOL 741 Hz Pulsed at 3 Hz
(19) SOL 741 Hz Pulsed at 6 Hz
(20) SOL 741 Hz Pulsed at 9 Hz
(21) LA 852 Hz Unpulsed
(22) LA 852 Hz Pulsed at 3 Hz
(23) LA 852 Hz Pulsed at 6 Hz
(24) LA 852 Hz Pulsed at 9 Hz
(25) UT – MI – FA – SOL – LA Combined Sonation
(26) UT 396 Hz (Tibetan Singing Bowl)
(27) RE 417 Hz (Tibetan Singing Bowl)
(28) MI 528 Hz (Tibetan Singing Bowl)
(29) FA 639 Hz (Tibetan Singing Bowl)
(30) SOL 741 Hz (Tibetan Singing Bowl)
(31) LA 852 Hz (Tibetan Singing Bowl)
(32) Brow Chakra (Solfeggio Tunings)
(33) Base Chakra (Solfeggio Tunings)
(34) Sacral Chakra (Solfeggio Tunings)
(35) Solar Plexus (Solfeggio Tunings)
(36) Heart Chakra (Solfeggio Tunings)
(37) Throat Chakra (Solfeggio Tunings)
(38) Crown Chakra (Solfeggio Tunings)
(39) Etheric Field (Solfeggio Tunings)
(40) Relaxations (Solfeggio Tunings)
(41) Vitality (Solfeggio Tunings)
(42) Strength (Solfeggio Tunings)
(43) Stamina (Solfeggio Tunings)
(44) Tension (Solfeggio Tunings)
(45) Cheerfulness (Solfeggio Tunings)
(46) Forbearance (Solfeggio Tunings)
(47) Forcefulness (Solfeggio Tunings)
(48) Memory (Solfeggio Tunings)
(49) Hopefulness (Solfeggio Tunings)
(50) Ecstasy (Solfeggio Tunings)

NOTE: All of these Sonations are transposable — the slider on the left of the ABox schematic may be moved down to lower pitch — by as much as 3-4 octaves.

The Tibetan Singing Bowl Sonations approximate the harmonics of that instrument, based upon sound analyses of numerous actual Tibetan bowls.

The “chakra” Sonations are based upon “ratios” supplied by various sources linked with the late Sir Dr. Peter Guy Manners, i.e., Manners’ Sound, Kurume & Tokyo, Japan; longtime Manners colleague Philip Rudd (Scotland); and via personal discussions between Dr. Buchanan and Dr. Manners in 2008. The same is true for Sonations (39) through (50). All have been “tuned” to Solfeggio rates adding up to 3, 6, or 9 in the Gematria system.

(A) ABox 240 for Windows 7 and higher.
(B) ABox 239 for Windows XP.
(C) Movie (wmv) – “The Solfeggio Tones of Joseph Puleo (Cymatics).”
(D) Microsoft Word Document: “Solfeggio’s Basic Six Tones” containing directions for set-up/play back, explanations and discussion.


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