SONA – Healing with Wave Front BIOreosnance (2008) ~ Soft Cover & Disks




Bound Soft Cover Version 526 pages (plus Two Compact Discs, i.e., “Music” and “Data.”)

This text has been praised by vibrational practitioners and researchers around the globe as an “underground classic.”

The Title Page, Table of Contents, Forward(s) and Preface to the Second Edition may be viewed here: A – Chapter 0.5 sona title page, contents, etc

The additional “Music” disc contains 27 tracks of healing Sonations and original music based upon the exactly tuned frequencies of the tones. The “Data” disc contains (1) videos and images of Cymatic Wave Fronts created by select frequencies; (2) Vibrating Diaphragms; (3) Wave Files for Healing; (4) and Appendix of Contemporary Figures in Sound Healing & Research (with accessible url links to web sites); (5) an Excel chart of ancient Chinese Tunings that may be accessed and/or altered to create new Sonations; (6) the ABox (Complete Program) that may be downloaded onto a PC and employed in therapies; and, (7) Cymatic Prana (ABox Sonation set-up).

With 34 chapters, hundreds of color photos, charts, and multiple appendices, this is a must-have for the serious and dedicated vibrational therapist.



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