DVD – Revised Radiation Protocol

Revised Radiation Protocol, 2015

DVD – $50.00

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            In 2001, one month following the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, Japan, Dr. Gary Buchanan and his Cymatic Therapy colleague, Yukinori Matsushita, presented a lecture on Sanatherapy in Osaka.

            At the presentation Dr. Buchanan released the original “Radiation Protocol,” ten Cymatic videos with special Sonations for those affected by mild radiation exposure. By watching the videos and placing the speakers on various parts of the anatomy, many find that symptoms may be to some extent ameliorated. (This is NOT a cure for radiation poisoning!)

            Master Matsushita later reported that many in Japan were then using the protocol and, following one half-hour of bioresonant entrainments, CPM readings were on average 50% less than before the applications.

            In 2015 Dr. Buchanan filmed and recorded an improved High Definition Revised Version of the Cymatic Sonations using Schumann Resonance pulse rates and tunings.

            Whether or not one has been exposed to radiation, the “Protocol” has proven effective in (1) increasing Vital Life Energies; (2) stimulating and balancing Thyroid Function; (3) increasing levels of Potassium Iodide and aiding in Detoxification; (4) boosting Immune System function; (5) relaxing the Throat; and (6) strengthening and balancing the body’s morphogenetic Aetheric Field.




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