CD: 50 Infra-SONA WFB Sonations in ABox




FIFTY Infra-SONA WFB Codes 2014: ABox Set-ups for Sonations

NOTE: Purchaser agrees to non-disclosure of specific frequencies and prohibition in the copying and/or sharing of copyrighted disc materials.

General Sonations created by Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan employed in therapies at Steamboat Healing Center (SHC) in Reno, Nevada. ALL may be significantly helpful in the amelioration of pain, inflammation, swelling, and restoration of natural Wave Front BIOresonanceTM (WFB) functions within the body — leading to improvement of conditions. The Compact Disc includes Set-Up directions for the Analog Box program and schematic; a Microsoft Word Document discussing the Sonations and their application; online resources for fuller versions of the ABox program; online resources for additional amplifier and applicators; and, more.


     (1) Abrams’ UHR; (2) Acid-Alkaline Balance;  (3) ACU-Resonance; (4) Aetheric Field; (5) A-Pentatony; (6) Arthritis (General); (7) Blockage (Energy); (8) Balance of Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous Systems; (9) Beta-Endorphins; (10) Blood (Immune System); (11) Bone Conditions (General); (12) B-Pentatony; (13) Cell Regeneration; (14) Circulation (Arteriosclerosis); (15) C-Pentatony; (16) Detoxification (General); (17) D-Pentatony; (18) Edema (Remove); (19) E-Pentatony; (20) Fracture (Repair); (21) F-Pentatony; (22) Gout; (23) G-Pentatony; (24) Hormonal Balance; (25) Injury (General); (26) Inflammation; (27) Joints; (28) Kidneys; (29) Liver (Cleansing); (30) Ligaments (General); (31) Lower Back (Lumbar-Lumbago); (32) MAGI; (33) Neuroma (Swollen Nerves); (34) Nerve Tone; (35) Muscle Pain (Eliminate); (36) Muscle Stiffness; (37)  Muscle (Stimulation); (38) Oxygen; (39) Pancreas; (40) PRANA; (41) Rescue (Crisis) Remedy; (42) Sciatica; (43) Skin Conditions (General); (44) Stomach; (45) Spinal Resonance (32 Hz); (46) Swelling (Reduce); (47)  Tendons; (48) Tension (General); (49) Thyroid Function; and, (50) Varicose Veins.


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