Cherokee Sunrise Song.

Cymatics in Water

Project Description

A re-edited version of the “Cherokee Morning Song” video posted on You Tube less than one month ago – recently removed due to bogus “third party claims.”

The images and music in this video were registered with the U.S. Copyright Office in 2008.

SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonance, book. No. TX0007604111
Accompanying “Data” disc. No. PA0001816683
Accompanying “Music” disc. No. SR0000703656

Copyright (C) 2008 International Community of Christ, A Corporation Sole

No part of this completely original video, either Cymatic images or music, may be used without permission from the copyright holder. “Fair use” does not apply. “Piracy” will be reported to the FBI cyber unit for prosecution, perhaps followed by additional legal action for damage of “image” to I.C.C., a non-profit educational institution.

Project Details

  • Date April 9, 2014
  • Tags Other Videos
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