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Sonatherapy® – Application


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    1. Please describe your background as a physician, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, sound/vibrational healer, or other.

    2. With whom have you studied, worked, and/or are affiliated?

    3. Do you have institutional degrees or certifications? With whom, when, where? Please be specific and complete.

    4. What is your age, background, general health - your future aspirations? Why are you interested in Sonatherapy®? What aspects of the therapy do you find most appealing?

    5. Have you purchased and read SONA: Healing with Wave Front BIOresonanceTM and Sonatherapy®: Healing with Light, Color, Sound, Water & Subtle Energies?

    6. If so, do you understand the text materials? How do you plan to become involved with the therapy? Privately at home? In a clinic, private practice, or at a spa?

    7. Do you wish to obtain a certificate as an “Associate in Basic Sonatherapy®?”
    YesNoNot Sure

    8. Are you interested in enrolling in the one-year Sonatherapy® Training Course and eventually obtain certification as an “Advanced Practitioner of Sonatherapy®”?
    YesNoNot Sure

    9. Are you interested in obtaining the “Master Practitioner of Sonatherapy®” diploma?
    YesNoNot Sure

    10. Are you affiliated in any way with any of the following? Please be specific.

    a. Cymatic Therapy practitioners or organizations, such as Jilaen Sherwood, Katherine Miculka, Chris Gibbs, Lil Stone, Trevor Hudson, Stefanie Ku, Bobbie Rohn, Mary Patterson, Patricia Sage, John or Annaliese Reid, Jeff Volk, Don Simmons, Mandara Cromwell, Marie Dahle, John Enge, Margaret Ruby, Louis M. Grant, Cymasound, Acusound International, Cyma Technologies, ISTA, The Globe Institute, David Gibson, other individuals or groups related?

    b. Other alternative health organizations or institutions? Energy Medicine Exchange, I.S.S.S.E.E.M., World Sound Healing Organization, the Sound Healers Association, the Sound Healing Network, etc?

    c. Have you attended any sound, music, light and color healing workshops, conferences, etc?

    I recognize that Sonatherapy® is a registered trade-mark of Cosolargy® International, that this new and unique technology is not “Cymatic Therapy” as generally marketed and commercially practiced. Further, it is unlawful to use the term, Sonatherapy®, in any advertising or commercial venture absent written permission from the institutions enumerated below.

    I recognize that all certificates and diplomas granted by The Music Guild, Steamboat Healing Center, and Cosolargy® International are reviewed and renewed annually, but that a certificate or diploma may be cancelled at any time if it is determined that an individual is not abiding by the agreements and ethical standards made clear by the above institutions and/or is not honoring the privacy statement following.

    Any and all materials, such as published PDFs, WFB Sonations, Protocols, this questionnaire, the Sonatherapy® Training Course, information revealed in conversations or emails with Dr. Buchanan and/or his designees, or as transmitted in any other way, are considered proprietary and are protected property of Cosolargy® International, a non-profit 501(c)3, and may not be shared with any other person, business, or institution --- absent permission from Dr. Buchanan, his designees and/or the supporting institutions named above.

    I understand that there are good reasons for this non-disclosure agreement, as other individuals, commercial enterprises, and legal entities may attempt to use information found within Sonatherapy® and the Training Program for improper purposes counter to the ongoing research, development, and broader acceptance of this holistic approach in therapeutic science.

    Yes I Understand and accept:

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